Michael Ebert, born in 1977, is both german and french, but grew up in germany.

He studied audiovisual Arts in Amsterdam (Netherlands) at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and graduated in 2005. Since 2006 he lives and works in Berlin. He produced various Videoart Pieces, screened at international Festivals. Since 2009 he extended his disciplines by the medium installation, which became his main discipline.

Furthermore he collaborates with Axel Ebert as "ebertbrothers". Working first together on Videoart they shifted to Electronica Music Production.

Playing live, the Music is accompanied by their own visual Material.
They release on the Berlin - based record Label "Mindwaves Music".

Please Note: Older Videoart Pieces have been taken offline, except of two.

Still online is an earlier, experimental Sound Website: www.vagheit.org

Email: contact AT michael-ebert.org

Studio Location: http://www.hb55.de, Atelier 4.08