Installation, 2012
stattberlin, Berlin, Germany

"Ghosts" is an installation consisting of two elements: A 13 meter long massive wooden bar expanding through the whole exhibition space and branches which enter the exhibition space through a crafted plexiglas piece framed in a window. The bar is in a diagonal position, on both the x and y axis. on one side it is pressed with force against the baseboard and the floor, in the other room with force into the corner of the wall at a height of about 2 meters. No supportive elements (screws etc.) have been used. The surface is heavily burned. Opposed to it's visual and actual weight it has an subtle elastic quality due to its bending. The branches oppose to the bar, they enter from the outside towards the inside of the gallery through a plexiglas-piece with 9 holes.

By entering the gallery space the visitor is forced to either "climb" over the bar or to duck under it, same needs to be done by exploring the space, the bar is unavoidable. This relates to the idea of what ghosts could be, and how the idea of ghosts is implanted in our heads, and how we accept that. The burned surface supports the displacement of the object, and adds a narrative element, which is continued by the branches. To some the bar appears as a "drawing" in space, with a two-dimensional quality, opposed to the three-dimensionality of the branches.

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