Installation, 2016
182artspace, Tainan, Taiwan

Room deals with two different topics, orientation and dissolution.

Black wires are running diagonally through the exhibition space. They fragment it in three dimensions and generate new fields of view and perspectives. Some wires run on the walls, cutting them in two dimensions. The wires are only fastened to elements found in the room, like nails sticking out of the wall, as well as to the columns supporting the ceiling. They become an integral part of the room itself. This collection of wires keeps a white foamboard suspended upright in the air. The board’s clear orientation and calmness is a counterpoint to the noisy network of wires and the rugged nature of the exhibition space itself. On the ceiling of the room a hatch is leading to the roof. This exit however is turned into a smaller room draped with black fabric and a lamp hanging from the very top. From the visitors perspective the actual height of the small room and the distance of the lamp can’t be determined. In contrast to the main room where space and its properties are analyzed in detail, the hatch essentially dissolves the notion of space by removing all reference to its characteristics.

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