Installation, 2017
Fenner Park, Berlin, Germany

After a year of development, "Threshold" was presented to a group of 50 invited guests for an evening at Fenner Park in Berlin-Neukölln. The starting point of the installation is the idea that a screen below a water surface can act as a portal. This allows an artistic exploration of the element water and opens up a field of tension between the natural environment and the technical medium. The screen seems to provide access to a hidden depth of the water. It shows fragments whose rough surfaces evoke associations of stone, ice floes, dried lava or something organic such as lizard skin. They float on white light. The evening was accompanied by live sets by Daniele De Santis / GRÜN and Ricardo Santos (send. imperceptive music).

With many Thanks to the Performers for their great Music and all Ppl which attended that beautiful Night.

For the Installation:

Concept & Realisation
Michael Ebert

technical Support
Hisham Mujally (Construction)
Axel Ebert (Video)

and with many Thanks to the following People for general Help: Valerie Leray, Shoqi Mujally, Olaf, Serge Geyzel, Karsten Pflum, Henning Tödter, Stephan Halter, Stephanie Gerner, Jorge Meneses

Photos & Videorecording of the Night Andreia Bickenbach

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